How to find THe Palm

How often do you come across claims that a location is ‘Prime’, ‘First Class’ and quite simply the ‘Best’? We see sophisticated marketing campaigns stating these facts made all over the world, but in reality so often disappointment is usually met when the actual reality does not live-up to the claims.

Here at The Palm, we are very proud of our location within Pattaya, Thailand’s No.1 tourist destination. Located at the most exclusive end of Wongamat’s Soi 16, our lands position, occupies and commands the very end of this road results in our project being both free of passing traffic and maintains the exclusive nature that The Palm provides.

With genuinely one of the most enviable locations in Pattaya, The Palm truly offers a Prime, First Class location that will not disappoint when you visit us.

To find us is simply when arriving in Pattaya from the main Sukhumvit Road. Turn off onto North Pattaya Road and then proceed until you arrive at the ‘Dolphin’ island. Turn right at this island and turn down either Soi 16 or 18. Alternatively, simply print-off the Map to your right and when on either Soi 16 or 18, you will find several ‘The palm’ road to help you on your way.

How to find THe Palm

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